Bangalore based manufacturer, supplier of UPS, Solar Water Heater, Automatic Water Label Controller, Solar Lantern, Servo Voltage Control Stabilizer.
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Automatic Water Level Controller Cum Indicator
Off Line and On Line Ups
Solar Water Heater
Solar Lantern
Servo Voltage Control Stabilizers

Our Products

Automatic water level controller cum indicator saves water and protects motor and reduces electricity bill. Automatic water level controller cum ...more

The Off Line and On Line UPS have high-level battery and low charge cut-off over load and short circuit trips and reset automatically. It serves 24 ...more

Solar water heaters are most efficient and high performing water heaters as compared to other water heaters. The solar water heaters are cheap, need ...more

Solar lanterns are portable light sources and are fitted in areas where sunlight can directly fall on it. The solar lanterns give omni directional ...more

In certain industries even a slight fluctuation in voltage can cause the equipment to malfunction or breakdown. The basic use of SCVS is to control ...more

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