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Off Line and On Line Ups
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Off Line and On Line Ups

Off Line and On Line Ups
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The Off Line and On Line UPS have high-level battery and low charge cut-off over load and short circuit trips and reset automatically. It serves 24 hours without trouble. Our Off Line and On Line UPS have high performance and efficiency level.

Technical Features
The input volt of Off Line and On Line UPS is 160 volts to 270 volts AC and the input phase is single. The output volt is 230 volts AC on INV. Output regulation is ± 5% on INV, output frequency is 50Hz ± 1%. Output waveform is Quasisine. Change over time is 5 mili seconds. This Off Line and On Line UPS re-charge time is up to 90% in just 6 hrs.

Performance and efficiency: High
Service: Prompt and efficient
Technology: Mosfet PWM micro controlled based
Charging circuit: Constant voltage current controlled
Voltage regulation: Automatic
Warranty: One year

Recommended capacity and type of battery: 1 00/120AH Tubular

Wattage Consumption :
Tube light: 60-Watts
Colour TV: 100-Watts
Computers: 350-Watts
Fan: 80 Watts
CD/DVD: 100-Watts

Lights, Fans T.V.,
Computers, Video, Graphics
Medical Equipments
DTP Telecommunications and Electronic Equipments.

Available ranges: 300VA, 500VA, 750VA, 1KVA, 1.5KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 4KVA, 5KVA

D.C. Convertor
Used for tube lights and CFL only.
Ran*e: 1 Tube, 2 Tubes, 3 Tubes and 4 Tubes
One-year warranty with battery

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