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Servo Voltage Control Stabilizers

Servo Voltage Control Stabilizers
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In certain industries even a slight fluctuation in voltage can cause the equipment to malfunction or breakdown. The basic use of SCVS is to control any fluctuation in the input voltage and to provide constant output voltage with +/-1% accuracy.

Fastest rate of correction up to 70 v/sec
Quickest response time
10 msec (half a cycle)
Higher overload capabilities for high starting and regenerative currents repeated frequently in CNC machines.
Compatible with fuel based Generator sets.

The servo voltage control stabilizers have no hunting, no oscillations and no noise generation. Machine-wound variable auto transformer with special carbon brush to minimize carbon deposit and for smooth commutation

Reliability and Benefits
Out test lab is fully equipped with all required instruments used for routine and some “Types Tests".
Outsourced component go through stringent quality checks so that defective and substand raw material does not reach the assembly line.

Quality control is maintained at each level of production so that substandard component become part of the finished product.

The electronics control card is epoxy coated and is protected from high volt AC to prolong the life of the stabilizer.

The lamination used in the transformer is CRGO, and the copper used for winding the transformer is, electrolyte grade having purity of 99.9% there by of the SCVS, which reduce the energy losses and save electricity.

Network workstations, v-sat communications, on-line banking, telecom equipments, bio-medical equipments, process control, CNC machines, textile machines and printing machines, etc.

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