Bangalore based manufacturer, supplier of UPS, Solar Water Heater, Automatic Water Label Controller, Solar Lantern, Servo Voltage Control Stabilizer.
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Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater
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Solar water heaters are most efficient and high performing water heaters as compared to other water heaters. The solar water heaters are cheap, need no maintenance of automatic water level controllers and eco-friendly. The solar water heaters are also good options to conserve the energy and reduce electricity consumption. We are a dealer of best quality and high performing solar water heaters.

Physical Properties of ETC Collectors
  • Twin glass tubes with vacuum in between the tubes

  • Special grade Borosilicate glass used

  • Magnetic Control Vacuum Slashing technology for coating

  • Works on Thermo siphon principle (Natural circulation of cold and hot water)

An equivalent sized ETC assembly will collect up to 3 times heat energy as compared to Flat Plate Collector.

Heat Pipe
  • Introduced for the first time in India by Solar Hitech Geysers

What is a Heat Pipe?
  • Hollow copper tube under vacuum sealed at both ends

  • Copper fins attaché to the tube

  • Non-corrosive and non toxic inorganic phase changing compound inside the copper tube

  • 90% of heat pipe in ETC Tube and 10% protrudes in the Storage tank (as shown)

  • Silicon seal on the open part of the ETC Tube

  • Phase changing compound evaporated and condenses back repeatedly even at 300C

  • Heat transfer performance is up to 30,000 times that of silver

Solar Hitech Geysers
  • Pioneers in Evacuated Tube solar collectors in India

  • Only full fledged manufacturer since 1999

  • First ETC system approved by MNES (Govt. of India)

  • ISO 9001-2000 certified Company

  • Sold over 20,000 evacuated tubes throughout India

  • Prompt after sales service

  • High value for money

  • Bank loan available

Evacuated Solar Collectors
  • Imported ETC Collectors

  • Captures sun’s heat from sunrise to sunset

  • Works at extreme climates too

  • Effective during partial cloudy

  • Vacuum protects from cold air, does not lose heat

  • Sun’s rays are always striking the tubes surface at 900

  • ETC has 94% sun tracking feature measured by Solar Energy Centre in Rapperswil Switzerland

Auto Sun Tracking Maximum Efficiency
As the tubes are round, the sunrays are always striking the tube surface at right angles thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing wasteful reflection of solar energy.

Features of Etc Solar Water Heater System
  • Imported ETC Collectors of international standard

  • Inner tank made on AISI 304 grade stainless steel for all sizes

  • TIG welded for long life

  • Outer cladding is either mirror polished 304-grade stainless steel or coated steel

  • PUF insulation for high retention overnight

  • Backup electric heater and sacrificial anode

  • Pressure relief valve and auto vent valve

  • Full size single reflector

  • Minimum floor space and low height

  • Special pressurized systems available

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